Turn The Page Alternative Education
Turn The Page Education Service's vision is to create an educated society in which opportunities are equal for all children and young people, no matter their background, gender or economic circumstances.Turn The Page After-School and Holiday Club offers year round activities and workshops to engage local children and young people. We organise a diverse range of activities and workshops, all focused on developing academic and social skills.

After school club 5-12 years
At BYEP we know that there is never enough time for creative minds to get everything done. That is why we hold an intensive after school club. We engage young minds to be creative and explore different activities to enhance their learning experience. Some of the activities include:
* Homework today
* Recycle Objects
* Become a Scientist
* Play Board Games

The programme runs Monday-Friday 3pm-6p.m

Parent and toddler group - 3 months to 3 years
We have a parent and toddler club running as of January 2016. Parents/carers are free to attend, get involved in playing and interacting with their tots, including receiving some health and developmental advice from qualified health visitors and professionals. BYEP has a special partnership with local chain supermarkets were we receive discounts on healthy food options and as such we pass this to gift to parents.
Being a new parent is a joyous time but can be confusing too with little time to go out and socialise. Parents are involved in the short ‘work out session’ and encouraged to share advice with other parents thereby creating healthy friendships. Parents are invited to bring suggestions and ideas to include in the group, this reflects our diverse representation in the local area.

Saturday and Sunday Tution

Especially to help with exam preparation - £15 per hour, call for more information