1. Inspire, motivate, educate and empower young people
We offer a range of programmes including mentoring, information and advisory services and homework, after school and holiday clubs which are delivered both in schools and at our centre. These programmes have been developed to cater to the needs of young people in Birmingham, covering topics related to health, education, values, attitudes and beliefs.

2. Build self-esteem and quality of life
Children and young people are exposed to new experiences and opportunities as part of our education, sport, creative arts and holiday schemes. This enables them to engage  and develop their social skills and self-worth, and leads to greater personal development.

3. Lay the foundations for a healthy transition into adulthood
Through training, skill development and mentoring we help young people gain an understanding of their personal aspirations and individuality, while also examining their behaviour and responsibilities.

4. Develop productive, responsible citizens
We empower young people to reflect on lifestyle choices and develop their level of personal responsibility by exploring the realities of risk-taking behaviour and the subsequent consequences.

5. Drive community development and social change
We are based in Birmingham which has one of the highest deprivation rates in the country and are continuing to expand across the West Midlands. We aspire to become the leading youth empowerment scheme in the area and ultimately help young people influence policy decisions at local and national level.

Birmingham Youth Empowerment Project works to inspire, motivate and empower children and young people in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Through mentoring, education, training and intervention programmes we aim to build self-esteem and quality of life, laying the foundations for a healthy transition into adulthood.

About Us..

Birmingham Youth Empowerment Project (BYEP) is a community based, Social Enterprise that works on behalf of young people in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our goals are:

Birmingham Youth Empowerment Project CIC was established in August 2013 to cater to the needs of children and young people in Birmingham in particularly Highgate, Lee Bank and Woodview  and Handsworth communities. BYEP CIC is a community organisation that works within the communities we serves. We foster community cohesion while tackling deprivation and promoting empowerment of young people and older residents to work together.

Unity within the community is one of the many themes BYEP promotes.
By putting on community fun day, it helps us to engage with the residents especially the young people who we gather valuable information from and use it to provide the services that they asks for. BYEP don’t believe in doing projects that is not young people led or force upon them without engaging the community.